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Nous avons souhaité ici rendre hommage à Sir Robert Bruce Cotton, qui doit être honoré selon nous comme l’un des esprits majeurs de la Renaissance.

Pour les lecteurs de « guyenne », nous mentionnerons les références suivantes :

-          Additamenta Chronicorum Prosperi Aquitanici praecipue die Rebus Angliae. Tit. A. 13.

-          Donatio Principatus Aquitaniae per Edward III. Edvardo primogenito. Nero. D. 6.

-          Informationes & Instructiones super Ducatu Aquitaniae missae Henr. V. Jul. E. 4.

-          De Aquitania & Vasconia. Jul. E. 1. 4. Tib. B. 6.

-          Originall Coppyes concerning France 1370. Calig. D. 3.

-          Originall Papers concerning France from the 1st of Henr. IV. of England to the 15th. Calig. D. 4.

-          Originall Papers concerning France from 1 Henr. V. to 14 Henr. VI. Calig. D. 5.

-          Ordinationes & Privilegia de Oleroum. Nero, A. 6. 18. Jul. E. 1.

-          Sacramentum de Guiennes & aliorum Regni Galliae. Tib. E. 8.

-          Burbwell, in Lincolnshire — A priory alien to Solva Major near Bordeaux — Grant of lands to it in Thedelthorp, by John de Thedelthorp. No date ; about Henr. III.(mss.) v. 35.

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To which are added, Many Emendations and Additions.




An Account of the Damage sustained by the Fire in 1731 ;

And also a Catalogue of the CHARTERS Preserved in the same Library.






to whom i am indebted for the manuscripts

from which the following work is printed,





is respectfully dedicated by his most obedient humble servant





The many defects in the Catalogue of the Cottonian Library published by Dr. Smith in the year 1696, the very injudicious manner in which that Catalogue is compiled, will sufficiently evince the necessity of the present publication. To this there is an additional motive from the desire expresed by many of the Learned and Ingenious, whose spirit of historical enquiry distinguishes the present age, and who have long wished for a remedy to the inconveniences they have hitherto met with whenever they had occasion to consult this Library.

To gratify those wishes is the object of the present publication, which will be found, as to arrangement and contents, so far superior to Dr. Smith's, as to leave no room for similar complaints.

Each Subject is so disposed, that the reader may without difficulty have recourse to the object of his enquiry. A a for Example, all the books any way relating to history will be found classed under the title of Libri Historici (p. I.) such Manuscripts as treat of the affairs of France, Spain, Italy &c. are arranged under the heads Gallica, Hispanica, Italica, &c. as well as every other Subject are referred to by the table of Contents. The Appendix, containing many Emendations and Additions to Dr Smith's Catalogue, is taken from Mr. Casley's Catalogue of the Royal Library, a book now very scarce.

The Alphabetical Catalogue of the Charters preserved in this Library is now first published from the original Manuscript of the Reverend Mr. Widmore, who had for many years the care of this invaluable Collection. The advantages that must accrue to Literature in facilitating the researches off the Curious, are too obvious to be farther descanted upon.

This inestimable Collection has at several periods justly engaged the attention of the Legislature, as may be seen in the Acts of Parliament passed in the 12th and 13th of William III. c 7. in the 5th of Ann, c 30. the 26th of George II. c. 22. §. 9. and by these Acts is now happily preserved for the use of the Public, and deposited in the British Museum under the immediate direction of forty-two Trustees, composed of twenty-one great Officers of State for the time being, six representing the Sloane, Cotton, and Oxford Families, and fifteen chosen by the former twenty-one, whose excellent and judicious regulations, and very laudable management, have rendered this invaluable treasure of Learning of much greater utility to the Public than it has ever been at any former period.

The annexed Documents relative to this Library will not, we apprehend, be unacceptable to the Public.

1615, Oct. 26,

King James I. to the Archbishop of Canterbury the Earl of Suffolk, Mr. Secretary Winwood, and Sir Thomas Lane, concerning the Examination of Sir Robert Cotton, Bart.[1]



Most Reverend Father in God, right true and well-beloved Counsellors, we greet you well. We were given credibly to understand, that Sir Robert Cotton, Knt. having amassed together secrets of State, hath communicated them to the Spanish Ambassador, who hath caused them to be copied over and translated into the Spanish tongue : We do authorize and require you, to whom these Letters are addressed, to call before you the said Robert Cotton ; and if you find, by lawful and sufficient Proof, the Information to be truly good, then we will and require you to seize upon all his Papers and Manuscripts in our Name and to our Use, and to cause them to be brought into our Paper-office at Whitehall, there to be reserved and digested in Order by them to whom that Charge appertaineth : And farther, we do require you to proceed against the Person of the said Sir Robert, as in your Judgments and consciences you shall hold the Nature of his Offence justly to deserve. Dated at Royston, the 26th of October 1615, in the thirteenth Year of our Reign of England, France, and Ireland, and of Scotland the forty-ninth.


To the Right Honorable the Lords of his Majesty’s Most Honorable Privy Counsell.

The humble Petition of Sir Thomas Cotton, Bart.


THAT whereas the Petitioner's Studdy hathe been a longe Tyme locked upp, and himselfe debarred from the free Use thereof, the Keyes haveing been, by your Lordshipps Appointement, committed unto the Custodye of Mr. Dickinson and others, untill a Catalogue of the Bookes and Papers should bee made, to be presented to his most Excellent Majesty, thereby to discover that there were in the same Studdye any Recordes or Papers of State of his Majesty's : And whereas the said Catalogue was by the said Mr. Dickinson, in the last Sommer, finished accordingly, wherein it dothe appeare (as the Petitioner conceaves) that there ate noe other Bookes or Papers therein but such as are the Petitioner's, and doe as his proper Goodes belonge unto him.

Hee humblye beefeechethe your Lords, that hee may nowe have the free Use of the Studdye, it beinge the best Roome in his House, and his Keyes thereof redelivered to him, that foe hee may at his Libertye order and dispose of his Bookes and Papers, and remove them as hee shall have Occasion, seeinge that they bee neither Records nor Papers of State of his Majesty's, but the Petitioner's late Father's privat Collections, and nowe his propper Goodes, which he humblie desires he may freely possessee and dispose of at his own Libertye, as before faid. And the Petitioner shall ever pray for your Lordshipps.

An Extract from a Report, in the Collection of Thomas Asile, Esq; made, on the 22d June 1703, to the Trustees for the Cottonian Library by Dr. Matthew Hutton, John Anstis, Gartet King at Arms, and Mr. Humphrey Wanley ; wherein is contained (inter alia) as follows:


As to the Books in general, we find that:

I. Some Books are of late added to and placed by the others mentioned in Dr. Smith's Catalogue, viz. those which ard inscribed TITUS, C. 18. TITUS, C. 19. and TITUS, F. 14. not to mention those which lie upon the Ground, and are not yet placed.

II. Some Books, mentioned in Dr. Smith's Catalogue as wanting, have since been restored to the Library, and are put into their Places, viz. OTHO, B. 1. OTHO, C. 2. OTHO, C. 8. VESPASIAN, E. 17. TITUS, A. 8. TITUS, B. 6. CLEOPATRA, B. 11.

III. Some Books, mentioned in Dr. Smith's Catalogue as then actually in the Library, are now wanting, viz. those inscribed CLAUDIUS, A. 10. VITELLIUS, B. 12. and VESPASIAN, F. 14.

Besides the original Writings fixed into Books, there are many hundreds of original Charters laid up in Drawers, which are not described in Dr. Smith's Catalogue.

We find that the Dr. has numbered most or all of those which are of the greatest Value, according to which Numbers he has taken a List of them for hia own Use. We inspected these Charters, and find some of them to be wanting and others misplaced.

These Charters so numbered we have put down at the End of the Honorable Mr. Speakers[2] Catalogue. The Charters made in the Time of the Saxon Kings are without Seals till the Time of King Edward the Confessor ; those Charters of his having Seals are genuine. Among these of the Saxons we know some to be counterfeit, and do suspect others.

N. B. The above is written in the Hand-writing of Mr. Humphrey Wanley, and is subscribed,


From a Report mode so the Trustees of the British Museum, by Dr. Maty and Mr. Rimius, July 1756.

THE mss. contained in the Presses called JULIUS, AUGUSTUS, CLAUDIUS, NERO, VESPASIANUS, TITUS, DOMITIANUS, CLEOPATRA, FAUSTINA, and those of the Appendix,.have not suffered by the Fire that happened 23d Oct. 1731.

The Condition of the mss. contained in the Presses called TIBERIUS, CALIGULA, GALBA, OTHO AND VITELLIUS, obliges us to be a little more particular, as we could nat find some of the Articles specified by Mr. Casley, and as several of those which he declares to be entirely destroyed may still be of some use in careful Hands.

Beginning therefore with


We find in the Division:

A.   answering to the two Catalogues, 12, and 15, entirely destroyed. All the Books damaged besides 1, 5, and 6, yet the most damaged still capable of being read, either in part or entire.

B.   1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8, still subsisting ; 9, though said to be burnt to a Crust, is very legible in the inside.

C.   Though nothing is said of them in the Account, have most of them suffered by the Fire.

D.   6, is wanting ; 9, marked with a Star as entirely destroyed, has been found by us.

E.    answers to the Catalogue compared with the Register.


A. B. C. have suffered nothing, or very little, by the Fire, and have been collated with Mr. Smith’s Catalogue.

D. and E. answer to Mr. Casley’s Account of the Effect of the Fire upon them.


A. 6, is not found ; 15, exists, though damaged ; and 18, which was referred in Mr. Smith's Catalogue as being transferred to CALIGULA, A. 14, was reported to be lost by Mr. Casley.

B. C. D. E. answer to the Catalogues, compared one with the other.



A. according to the Report, consists of eighteen Numbers, all destroyed; yet we discovered the first Part of Number 12, being the Life of Alfred, by Asser Menevensis.

B. wants Number 9.

C. 1, 4, and 13, said to be destroyed, are in part legible. The other Numbers answer to the Catalogue, as well as D. and E.

Several Bundles and loose Papers, not taken Notice of by Mr. Casley, may in part be recovered and read.


Besides the Damage done by the Fire to the mss., of this Press, it hath suffered no less by the Carelessness of those that have been the first employed in preserving them, as well as by the extraordinary Dampness of the Place. The great Humidity, together with the Extension of that Hue which the Fire extracted from those Volumes wrote on Vellum, having rotted the Edges of most of them, defaced the Marks, and afforded both Lodging and Food to numberless Shoals of Worms and other Insects. In this State we cannot answer whether Number 15, under the Division C, all those that were under D, Number 13. under E. and 15, and 17. under F, which are the only ones under the several Divisions we could not find, besides those marked in Mr. Casley's Report as entirely destroyed, may not still be recovered, at least in part, among the the sad Remains of this precious Part of the Collection. The Medals of Coins, of which Mr. Pegge and the late worthy Mr. Folkes gave some mss. Account in 1747 and 1748, have been found by us in a most confused State; The Rev. Mr, Widmore hath never examined them according to these Accounts, and answers only to the Numbers, which we found to be as follows:

Popes Heads, Seals, &c.                          197

Medals and English Coins,                      352

In all                           549



Belgica, pag. 27 et 28.

Charters, 33 — 37.

Ibidem, 38.

Churches, 42 — 48.

Cinque Ports, 59.

Danica, 30.

English Dominions in France, 60;

Gallica, 26 et 27.

Germanica, 28 et 29.

Hanse Towns, 40 — 42.

Hibernica, 29 et 30.

Hispanica, 25 et 26.

Holy Land. 60;

Hospitals, 42 — 48.

Inquisitiones, 37 et 38.

Lawes of England, 54 — 56.

— — Ditto Civil and Canon, 58.

Libri historici, 1 — 25.

— Miscellanei, 94 — 102.

— Orientales, 106.

— Saxonici, 102 — 106.

— Theologici, 61 — 94.

Merchants, 40 — 42.

Monasteries, 42 — 48.

Moneyes, 40 — 42.

Polonica et Moroc. 30.

Portugalica, 30.

Prophecies, 53 et 54.

Rolls, Records, and Registers, 33 — 37.

— Ditto 38 — 40.

Romances, 60.

ScriptorumNomina,ordine Alphabetico, 106 — 120.

State Affairs, such as Treaties, Instructions, &c. 31 et 32.

Tourneaments and Duels, 60.

Vitae Sanctorum, 48 — 53.

Universities and Colleges, 59.




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Henricus I

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Henricus III.

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Epistola ejusdem Regis initia Papa; Clementi, cui Papa, aut Cardinales Respondere rationaliter nescibant. Ibid.

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Gesta ejusdem. Auctore incerto. Ibid.

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Prœlium Agencourtense, eodem Rhythmo. Ibid.

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History of Richard III. by Sir George Bux, Knight.

The Establishment of Richard Duke of Yorke to the Crown.


Encomium Henr. VII. Dom, A. 19.


Literae & Acta Divort. inter Henr. VIII. & Katharinam Reginam. C. 10.

De Negotio Nuptiarum inter Henr. VIII. & Annam Bullen.

Miscellanea authentica, cum duobus Literis, altera Italica, altera Anglicana, Elisabethae ad Novercam. Ibid.

De Nuptiis Henr. VIII. & Annae de Cleve, ubi & Litera Thomae Cromwell ad eundem Regem quae post Condemnationem in Parliamento inferit in sui Apologiam. Ibid.

De Nuptiis Henr. VIII. & Catharinae Howardae. Ibid.

A List of such Captaines, with their Armes, as went into France with Henr. VIII. in the 5th Year of his Reign. Cleop. C. 5.

A Coppy of King Henr. the VIII th's Will. Titus.

A Diary of the Actions done in France by Henr. the VIIIth in the 5th Year of his Reign. Cleop. C. 5.

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The Will of Queen Catharine. Titus, C. 7. Tiber. E. 8.

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Historia Regis Henr. VIII., Edward VI. & Mariae Reginae, per Godwinum Heref. Episc. Vesp. E. 25.


Grantes that passed under the great Seale in Edw. the VIth's Time during the Chauncellorshipp of the Bishop of Ecly. Jul. B. 9.

Divers historicall Passages of Edw. the VIth's Reign, written with his own Hand. Nero, C. 10.

De iis quae acciderint Dominae Mariae Tempore Henr. VIII. & Edward VI. Otho, C. 10.

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Cuff's Letter to the Secretary after his Condemnation.

Queen Elizabeth's Letter to Henr. the IVth upon his Conversion. Ibid.


Relation of Sir Walter Raighley's Arraignment. Titus, C. 7.

Concerning the Earl of Essex, from his Lady. Ibid.

Countess of Sommerset's Pardon.

King James his Speech in Parliament 1614. Ibid.


Fasciculus transmissorum inter Romam & Angliam Anno Domini 1513, 1514, 1515.

Fasciculis transmissorum inter Angliam & Romam:

·         Ab An. 1516 ad An. 1518. Vitel. B. 3.

·         ab 1519 ad 1521. Vitel. B. 4.

·         ab 1522 ad 1523. Vitel. B.

·         An. Dom. 1524. Vitel. B. 6.

·         An. 1525. Vitel. B. 7.

·         An. 1526. B. 8.

·         An. 1527. Vitel. B. 9.

·         An. 1528. Vitel. B. 10.

·         An. 1529. Vitel. B. 11.

·         An. 1530, 1531. Vitel. B. 13

·         ab 1527 ad annum 1539. Vitel. B. 14.

Acta super Divortio Henr. VIII. & Reginae Katharinae. Vitel. B. 12.

A Letter from John Castles at Venice to Henr. the VIII th. Jul. E. 2.

A Letter from Dr. Charles Perkins to Sir Robert Cecill, concerning Intercourse with Venice. Ibid.

Coppyes of severall Letters to and from the Duke of Florence. Ibid.

Instructions concerning Florence An. 1604. Ibid.

A Brief of a Treaty with the Duke of Milan and Henr. VII. and Henr. VIII. Ibid.

A Brief of a Letter from the Duke of Venice to Queen Elizabeth. Ibid.

Instructions to Rowland Woodward at his going to Milan. Ibid.

Severall Letters and Treatises concerning Genoa. Ibid.

A Relation of a Partage concerning Genoa. Ibid.

A Letter from the King of Sicily to King Henry. Ibid.

Instructions given to George Rookes going into Sicily. Ibid.

Matters concerning Italy. Nero, B. 6,

Matters concerning Venice and Florence. Nero, B. 7.

The Government of the Dutchy of Florence, in Italia. Faust. C. 2.


Ab An. 1512 ad 1520. Vesp. C. 1.

Ab An. 1521 ad 1524. Vesp. C. 2.

Ab An. 1525 ad 1527. Vesp. C. 3.

Ab An. 1527 ad 1530. Vesp. C. 4.

De Rebus Hispanicis or Spanish Memorials. Vesp. C. 5.

De Rebus Hispanicis Anno 1557. Vesp C. 6.

Papers concerning Spain from 1471 to 1588. Vesp. C. 7.

Papers and Letters of Spain from 1588 to 1604. Vesp. C. 8.

Transactions between England and Spain ; as also touching the Earl of Nottingham, High- Admiral of England; his Instructions for taking of his Oath for the Observation of the Peace with Spain. Vesp. C. 9.

Severall Letters to noble Persons in King James's Reign. Ibid.

Matters touching Spain in 1607. Vesp. C. 10.

Hispanica Annorum 1608 & 1609, comprehensa Literis Oratoris ibidem Regii, Car. Cornwallis, Equit. Vesp. C. 11.

Matters concerning Castile and Arragon from 1260 to 1500. Vesp. C. 12.

Papers concerning Spain from 1604 to 1630 ; divers other Things having no certain Date. Vesp. C. 13,

Proceedings between Spain and England. Jul. F. 6. 95. 124.

Spanish Matters, Commodityes. Jul. J. 6.


Originall Coppyes concerning France 1370. Calig. D. 3.

Originall Papers concerning France from the 1st of Henr. IV. of England to the 15th. Calig. D. 4.

Originall Papers concerning France from 1 Henr. V. to 14 Henr. VI. Calig. D. 5.

Matters concerning France from 1485 to 1518. Calig. D. 7.

Originall Letters and Papers concerning France from 1518 to 1522. Calig. D. 8.

Matters concerning France from 1524 to 1527. Calig. D. 9.

Originall Letters and Papers concerning France Anno 1527. Calig. D. 10.

Originall Letters and Papers concerning France Anno 1529. Calig. D. 11.

Originall Letters and Papers concerning France from 1525 to 1538. Calig. D. 12.

Originall Letters and Papers concerning France from 1538 to 1553. Calig. E. j.

Letters concerning France from 1567 to 1577. Calig. E. 2.

Matters concerning France from 1577 to 1591. Calig. E. 3.

Matters concerning France An. 1591 and 1592. Cal. E. 4.

Matters concerning France from 1593 to 1600. Vol. 2. Calig. E. 5. And E. 6.

Letters and Papers concerning France from 1600 to 1604. Calig. E. 7.

Originall Letters and Papers concerning France from 1604 to 1614. Calig. A. 9.

Originall Letters arid Papers concerning France in the Time of Henr. the VIIIth, for the most part having no certain Date. Calig. E. 8.

Originall Letters and Papers concerning France in the Time of Henr. the VIIIth, bearing no certain Date. Calig. E. 10.

Originall Letters and Papers concerning France in the Time of Henr. VIII. Having no certain Date. Calig. E. 12.

Originall Letters and Papers concerning France Tempore Reginae Elizabethae & Regis Jacobi, having no certain Date. Calig. E. 11.

Affaires of State between England and France Anno 1572. Vesp. F. 6.

Affaires of France from 1576 to 1600, in French. Vesp, F. 5.

King of France his two Embassies to the Prince of Orange, in French. Vesp. F. 5.

A Journall of Occurrencies by the English Embassadours at Paris front the first of January 1603. Vesp. F. 9.


Discourse of the Prince of Orange concerning the Low Countryes. Titus, F. 3.

Of Treaties, Instructions, and other Passages of State, between England and the Netherlands, in the Time of Maximilian the Emperor, the 1st Vol, Galba, B. 1.

Of Treaties and Instructions, &c. between England and the Netherlands in the Time of Maximilian the Emperour and Henr. VII. from 1486 to 1509, the 2d Vol. Galba, B. 2.

Fasciculus transmissorum inter Angliam & Belgiam ab 1509 ad 1516, 3d Vol. Galba, B. 3.

Fasciculus transmissorum inter Angliam & Belgiam An. 1516, 4th Vol. Galba, B. 4,

Fasciculus transmissorum inter Angliam & Belgiam ab 1517 ad 1520, 5th Vol. Galba, B. 5.

Fasciculus transmissorum inter Angliam & Belgiam ab 1517 ad 1521, 6th Vol. Galba, B. 6.

Fasciculus transmissorum inter Angliam & Belgiam ab 1521 ad 1523, 7th Vol. Galba, B. 7.

Fasciculus transmissorum inter Angliam & Belgiam ab 1523 ad 1526, 8th Vol. Galba, B. 8.

Inter Angliam & Belgiam ab 1526 ad 1531, 9th Vol. Galba, B. 9.

Inter Angliam & Belgiam ab 1531 ad 1546, 10th Vol. Galba, B. 10.

Inter Angliam & Belgiam ab 1546 ad 1557, a primo Edward VI. ad ultimum. Galba, B. 11.

Inter Angliam & Belgiam ab 1558 ad 1564, Vol. 13th. Galba, C. 1.

Inter Angliam & Belgiam ab 1564 ad 1567, 14th Vol. Galba, C. 2.

Inter Angliam & Belgiam ab 1566 ad 1570, Vol. 15th. Galba, C. 3.

Inter Angliam & Belgiam ab 1572 ad 1574, Vol. 16th. Galba, C. 4.

Inter Angliam & Belgiam ab 1574 ad: 1577, 17th Vol. Galba, C. 5.

Fasciculus transmissorum inter Angliam & Belgiam ab 1577 ad 1580, 18th Vol. Galba, C. 6.

Inter Angliam & Belgiam ab 1580 ad 1585, 19th Vol. Galba, C. 7.

Inter Angliam & Belgiam An. 1585, Vol. 20th. Galba, C. 8.

Inter Angliam & Belgiam An. 1586, a Jan. ad August, 21st Vol, Galba, C. 9.

Inter Angliam & Belgiam a Septem. ad Decem. 22d Vol. Galba, C. 10.

Inter Angliam & Belgiam An. 1587, a Jan. ad Apr. 23d Vol. Galba, C. 11.

Inter Angliam & Belgiam An. 1587, a Maio ad August. 24th Vol. Galba, D. 1.

Inter Angliam & Belgiam An. 1587, a Septem. adDecem. 25th Vol. Galba, D. 2.

Inter Angliam & Belgiam An. 1587, 26th Vol. Galba, D. 3.

Inter Angliam & Belgiam An. 1589, 27th Vol. Galba, D. 4.

Inter Angliam & Belgiam An. 1589, a Jul. ad Decem. 28th Vol. Galba, D. 5.

Inter Angliam & Belgiam, id.

Inter Angliam & Belgiam An. 1590, 30thVol. Galba, D. 7:

Inter Angliam & Belgiam An. 1592, 31st Vol. Galba, D. 8.

Inter Angliam & Belgiam An. 1591, 32d Vol.

Inter Angliam & Belgiam ab 1593 ad 1595, 33d Vol. Galba, D. 10.

Inter Angliam & Belgiam An. 1595, 34th Vol. Galba, D. 11.

Inter Angliam & Belgiam ab 1$96 ad 1602, 35th Vol. Galba, D. 12.

Letters and Papers concerning Germany and Belgia, 11 Vol. Galba, B. 11.

Letters and Papers touching the Affaires of Germany and Belgia from 1583 to 1603, 36 Vol. Galba, D. 13.

Papers concerning Germany and Belgia from 1603 to 1630, 37th Vol. Galba, E. 1.

The Policy of the United Provinces. Tit. C. 7.

Chartae originales inter Angliam & Belgiam Temp. Edward III, Henr. IV. V. VI. Vesp. F. 11.


Fasciculus transmittorum inter Germaniae Imperat. & Regem Angliae ab 1509 ad 1515. Vitel. B. 18.

Inter Germaniae Imperat. & Regem Angliae ab 1516. Vitel. B. 19.

Inter Germaniae Imperat. & Regem Angliae ab 1517 ad 1523. Vitel. B. 20.

Inter Germaniae Imperat. & Regem Angliae ab 1525 ad 1545. Vitel. B. 21.


Letters and Papers of Scotland from 1474 to 1526. Calig. B. 6.

Letters and Papers of Scotland from 1525 to 1556. Calig. B. 7.

Letters and Papers touching Scotland from .1556 to 1570. Calig. B. 9.

Letters and Papers touching Scotland from 1558 to 1567. Calig. B. 10.

Letters and Papers touching Scotland An. 1567,1568, 1569. Calig. C. 1.

Letters and Papers touching Scotland An. 1570. Calig, C. 2.

Letters and Papers touching Scotland An. 1572, 1573, 1574. Calig. C.4.

Letters and Papers touching Scotland from 1575 to 1580. Calig. C. 5.

Letters and Papers touching Scotland An. 1580, 1581. Calig. C. 6.

Letters and Papers touching Scotland An. 1582, 1583. Calig. C. 7.

Letters and Papers touching Scotland An. 1584, 1585. Calig, C. 8.

Letters and Papers touching Scotland An. 1587, 1588, 1589. Calig. D. 1.

Letters and Papers touching Scotland from 1590 to 1603. Calig. D. 2.

Letters and Papers of Henr. the VIIIth's Time touching Scotland, without any certain Date. Calig. B. 1.

Letters and Papers of Henr. VIII. touching Scotland, having no certain Date. Calig. B. 2.

Letters and Papers of Henr. the VIIIth's Time touching Scotland, having no certain Date. Calig. B. 3.

Tracts and Fragments in Henr. the VIIIth's Time, for the most part touching Scotland. Calig. B. 5.

Papers concerning Scotland, bearing no Date. Calig. B. 8.

A Fragment of two Commissions from Francis II. and Mary Queen of Scotland to that Marquesse of Dalbiere, for the Government of Scotland. Faust. C. 2.

Cavenda in Tractatu Pacis habito vel habendo inter Angliae & Scotiae Regna. Vitel. E. 11.

Originall Letters and other Papers concerning Scotland. Treaty with the Queen of Scots Commissioners, imperfect. Vesp. E. 15.

Res Scotiae diversae. Vesp. C. 16.


Originall Letters and other Papers concerning Ireland unto the End of the Reign of Queen Mary. Tit. B. 11.

Originall Letters and other Papers concerning Ireland in the time of Queen Elizabeth. Tit. B. 13.

Coppyes of such Levers as have been written to the Queen and her Councell by Sir Henr. Sidney, concerning the State of Ireland. Tit. B. 10.

Originall Letters, Instructions, and other Papers concerning Ireland from 1582 to 1587, in theTime of Q. Elizabeth. Tit. F. 5.

A Form of a Letter to the Lords and others of Ireland for the Revocation of the Deputy there, and the placing a new one in his stead. Faust. C. 2.

Letters of State chiefly relating to Ireland. Vesp. E. 5.


Fasciculus transmissorum inter Angliam & Daniam a Tempore Henr. IV. ad annum 1589. Nero, B. 3.

Fasciculus transmissorum inter Angliam & Daniam ab 1590 ad 1599. Nero, B. 4.

Fasciculus transmissorum inter Angliam & Daniam ab 1600 ad 1610. Nero, B. 5.

Affaires of Denmark An. 1582. Tit. C. 11.


Codex bene magnus authenticarum variarumque Rerum, spectantium ad Regnum & Gubernationem Portugalliae. Nero, B. 1.


Fasciculus transmittorum inter Angliam & Morocco. Ibid. Vesp. F. 5.

Affaires of Hungary, Genoa, Transilvania, Merchants of Aimaine, Terra Sancta, Rhodes, Greece, and Moldavia, in the Time of Henr. VIII. in originall Letters and other Papers. Vesp. F. 1.

Originall Letters of the Empire, England, France, Spain, Hungary, Denmark, Palatinate of the Rhine, Pomerania, Friesland, Russia. Vesp. F. 3.

De Successione Juliaco-Clivensi. Vesp. F. 2.

Fasciculus transmittorum inter Angliam &Poloniam ab 1387 ad 1600. Nero, B. 2.

Pacta inter Status Poloniae & Henricum eorum Regem. Vesp. F. 5.

Fasciculus transmissorum inter Angliam & Moscoviam ab 1557 ad 1603. Nero, B. 8.


Instructions to Rowland Woodward, going to Milan. Jul. E. 2.

Instructions given to George Rookes, going into Sjcily. Ibid.

Instructions concerning Florence. Ibid.

Instructions to Bowes, 1580. Jul. F. 6. 58.

Instructions to Sir Robert Cecill. Jul. F. 6. 57.

Instructions to Sir Robert Bealy and Richard Shalkstone, sent to Hamburgh. Nero, B. 9. 36.

Instructions given to William Earle, sent to Hamburgh by Henr. VIII. Nero, B. 9.

Instructions given to Shelley, sent to the King of the Romans by Henr. VIII. Ibid.

Instructions for Sir Thomas Challoner, sent to the Empereur Ferdinando, 1558. Ibid.

Originall Instructions and other Letters of State. Vitel. B.

Originall Instructions given by Henr. VI. to his Embassador sent to Utrecht. Nero, B. 9.

Instructions given by Henr. VII. to Francis Martin and others, to be declared to the Queen of Naples. Vitel. C. 11.

Instructions given by Queen Elisabeth to the Earle Pejabroke concerning Wales, &c. Titus,. B. 8.

Instructions to Mr. Phillip Sidney, to the Empereur. Titus, B. 9.

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Letters to the Lord Cardinall. Ibid.

Letters and Papers touching Affairs of State. Tempore Henr. ; VIII. Titus, B. 1.

Letters from Charles IX, King of France, and other great Princes, to Henr. VIII. Ibid.

Letters to Cardinall Woolsey Tempore Henr. VIII. Ibid.

Letters and Papers of State Tempore Edward VI. Tit. B. 2.

Queen Elizabeth's Letter to severall Persons. Ibid.

Letters to Queen Elisabeth from severall Persons. Ibid.

Letters to Queen Elizabeth touching foreign Affaires. Ibid.

Letters and papers of State Tempore Elizabeth. Reginae. Ibid.

Letters from the Lords of the Counsell Tempore Elizabeth. Reg. upon fundry Occasions. Ibid.

Letters and Papers touching foreign Affaires Tempore Reg. Elizabeth. Ibid.

Lord Windsor's Letters from Rome ta the Earl of Suffex. Ibid.

Sir Henr. Sidney’s Letter to the Queen and her Councell concerning the State of Ireland. Tit. B. 10.

Letters and Papers, in Italian, French, and Latin, from foreign Parts, in the Time of Queen Elizabeth. Tit. B. 7.

French and Italian Letters in Queen Elizabeth's Time. Letters and Papers of State Affaires Tempore Jacobi Regis. Ibid.

Literae ad Comitem Leicestriae. Ibid.

Letters to the Earl of Leicester when he was Generall of the English Forces in the Low Countries. Ibid.

Letters of Henr. Howard to Queen Elizabeth and the Lord Burleigh. Tit. C. 6.

Letters to the Emperour from Queen Elizabeth. Nero, B. 9.

Copyes of fundry Letters to Sir Francis Walsingham and others Tempore Reginae Elisabethae. Otho, E. 4.

Mr. Barton, the English Embassadour, his Letters from Constantinople. Nero, B. 12.

Letters from the Cardinall of Transilvania to Queen Elizabeth and the Lords of her Councell, and a Letter from the Queen to him. Nero, B. 12.

Coppyes of severall Letters to the Emperour Ferdinand from Queen Elizabeth. Ibid.

A Treaty between Ferdinand King of the Romans and Henr. VIII. Ibid.

Traite a Madrid. Vesp. F. 5.

Traite de Cambray. Ibid.

Traite de Cambresis. Ibid.

Leagues and Treatyes. Titus, B.c.

Principium Tractatus Pacis inter Henr. VII & Philippum Regem Castellae, conclusae apud Windsor An. 1505.

Severall Collections out of the Tower Rolls or Treaties with foreign Princes, Jul. E. 8.

Treaty of Blois. Ibid.

Treaty of Borborg. Jul. F. 6. 132.

Foedera varia inter Franciam & Hispaniam de Annis 1368, 69, 80, 91, 94, 06 ; & inter Franciam & Scotiam Annis 1370, 1390; & inter Franciam & Walliam Annis 1404, 1405.

Memoriall of Sir William Cecyl An. 1 Elizabeth. Tib. Cit.

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Matters concerning England from 1580 to 1590. Galba, E. 6.

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An abstract of the Queen Regent's Answer to Sir Thomas Edmonds. Vitel. C. 11. 23.

Severall Formes of Letters from the King and from the Councell. Faust. C. 2.

An Embassadour's Note for Transposition from Spaine to England.

Of Embaffadours. Jul. F. 6.

Embaffadours may not move Trouble. Ibid.

Litera missa Regi Angliae per Ducem Geldriae. Tit. A. 19.

Epistola ad Regem Angliae Edward VI. Gallice, per Berteville; Cleop. A. 11.

A Copy of the Great Turke's Letter to the King of Poland.

A Letter concerning Meanes to divert the King of Spain from employing his Forces in these Parts. Tit. F. 3.

Dicourse of the Prince of Orange touching the State of the Low Countreys.

Letters and Papers of State Tempore Mariae Reginae.


Collections of the close Rolls, forreign Rolls, Patent Rolls, by Mr. Heang, Mr. Talbot, Mr. Cambden, and others ; conteyning Letters to forreign Princes, Confederations, Wages, adulterate Money, Truces, Marriages. Jul. E. 3.

Severall Collections ont of the Rolls in Chancery Lane from the 2d Richard III. to the 3d Edward VI. Ibid.

Severall Collections ont of the Tower Rolls of Treaties with forreign Princes. Ibid.

Two Volumes of Patent Rolls. Tit. C. 2. C. 3.

Publique Records. Vitel. B. 1.

Abstractus Reliquorum & diversorum tenentium Domini Regis, in Capite & aliter, in diveriis & specialibus Comitatibus Angliae, subscript. Temp. Edward I. II. III. & aliorum Regum, coram Baronibus de Staccario existente. Claud. C. 4.

Terrae tenentes per singula Hundreda per Comitat. Linc. Tempore Henr. II.

Analecta de Haeredibus, ex diversis Recordis. Claud. C. 1.

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Quinque Portus & eorum Membra, cum Servitiis Regi debitis de eisdem. Ibid.

Nomina Baronum & aliorum ad profisciscendum adversus Lewellinum Principem Walliae 5 Edward I. 16.

Nomina illorum quorum Servitia Dominus Rex attornavit Edmundo Fratri suo faciend. in Partibus West Walliae per 40 Dies. Ibid.

Nomina Militum & aliorum Hominum ad Arma in Cancellaria retornatorum, 17 Edward II.

Nomina habentium 20 Librat. Terrae 15 Eliz.

Collectanea ex diveriis Monasteriorum Registris autographis, & Recordis Tinter Walden. Vitel. F. 4.

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De Officio Contrarotulatoris Scaccarii. Cleop. A. 16.

De necessarris Observantiis Scaccarii. Ibid.

Breve Henr. V. Cancellario Scaccarii quod inscribi faciat in Sigillis suis, Loco Franciae, Haeres Regni Francis Ibid.

Analecta ex diversis Recordis. Tit. D. 13.

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Chartalarium de Parco Helagh in Agro Ebor. Vesp. A. 4.

An abstract of Records in the Exchequer of Durham. Jul. C. 3.

Ex Officio Cellariae Monasterii de Barking, Anglice. Jul. D. 8.

Metae & Bundae de Woodwalton. Jul. F. 9.

Charters to the Bishop of London and Church of St. Paul. Jul. F. 10.

The Will and Testament of Sir William Say. Ibid.

The Office after the Death of Robert Wroth, Esq. Ibid.

Charta Maristorum de Romney, ac Ordinatio Hug. de Bach and Wells. Cleop. C. 7.

Ordinatio E. de Passete pro Marif. Ibid.

Transcriptum Chartarum de Terris, intra Comit. Cestriae existentibus, praecipue que ad Montaltorum Familiam spectabant. Cleop. D. 6.

Registrum de Clerkenvyell. Faust. B. 2.

Testamentum Johannis de Enfeud An. 19 Edward I. probatum. .Ibid.

Donatio Gulielmi Bastardi Alano Com. Britanniae de Terris Comitis Edwini. Faust. B, 7.

Extenta facta Comitatus Richmondiae An. 30 Henr. II.

Feoda Militum duorum de Medeham & Clackhall Tempore , Radulph. de Nevill, & de Reliquiis eorundem Fœdorum An. 12 Edward II. Ibid.

Feoda Richard le Scroope de Boulton. Faust. B. 7.

Feoda Domini Fitz Hugh de Terris in Woolanfied & Manfield. Ibid.

De Foresta & Limitibus Forestae Wendefledal, de Maneriis Ravington. Westwilton. Ibid.

De Homagtis Releviis Militum pro Foedis suis in diversis Comitat. & de Auxilio 20 Edward III. concesso pro primogenito Milite faciendo. Ibid.

Feodorum Militarium, Ecclesarium, Parochialium, &c. Numerus. Tib. A. 10.

Feoda Militum quae tenentur de Domino Rege in Com. Buck, Ibid.

Feoda Militum quae tenentur de Domino Rege in Com. Bedford, Ibid.

Placita Aulae apud Wanharne de Cler. Mecrati infra Virgam. Ibid.

De Dominis Tateshall post Conquestum per Successionem. Tiber. C. 8.

De Dimissione Hereditatis Roberti de Tateshall. Ibid.

Baronies to Heires generall Tempore Johannis Regis. Tib. E. 8. 47.

Richardus Dux Gloucestriae cum magno Marescallo Judices Officiariorum Armorum electi fuerunt Tempore Edward IV. Tib. E. 8. 5. 2.

Abstract of Deeds pertaining to Coln in Essex. Tib. E. 9.

Instrumentum Subsidii Cler. Ebor. Dioces. Regi Henr. VIII. Claud. A. 8.

Hereditates ex variis Recordis selectae, & Ordine alphabetic dispositae. Claud. C 8.

Divisio Terrarum Willelmi Marescalli. Claud. E. 8.

Indentura inter Henr. VIII. & Edvardum North Thesaur., qua Permutatio fit Maneriorum de Codington & Badenham in Suffol. Nero, C. 9.

Patronatus quarumdam Rectoriarum & Praedia concessa eidem Edvardo North. ibid.

Codex Excerptorum & Collectaneorum ex variis libris antiquis & Archivis Regis de principatu Walliae & Ducatu Cornubiae. Vitell. C. 10.

Transcriptio Rotulorum Pipse per diversos Annos Henr. II. Vitel. R. 5.

Nomina Feodorum  Baronatuum Angliae Tempore Henr. III. e Libro Scaccarii. Ibid.

De Baroniis & Feodis Militum Comitatus Northumbriae, e Registro Prioris de Tinmonth. Vitel. E. 5.

Feoda Comitis Gloucestriae & Haeredum suorum in Inthroniasatione Episcopi, vel electi in Archiep. Cant. Vitel. E. 17.

Feoda illius qui inthronizare debet singulos Episcopos Cantuariae Provinciae tam Sede vacante quam plena. Ibid.

Epitome totius Libri de Domesday, Jul. C. 1.

Transcriptio Libri Domesday pro Richmondshire. Faust. B. 7.

Domesday, Faust. C. 11.

Exemplar Libri de Domesday pro Comitatu Huntingdon, Tiber. A- 8.

Fragmentum Libri censualis de Domesday quoad Cantiae Descriptione, contemporaneo Charactere Willielmi. Vitel. E. 8.

Excerpta quaedam e Libro de Domesday per diversos Comitatus. Vitel F. 2.

Excerpta nonnulla e Libris Domesday, item Nomina Baronum & Comitum inde sumpta, per Joscelinum. Vesp. A. 9.

Extracts out of Domesday. Tit. F. 8.

Nomina Haeredum Gulielmi Brewer Tempore Henrici III. Jul. 10.

Participatio Terrarum Com. Marescalli. Jul. B. 10.

Quaedam e Registro Fordensis Cenobii. Ibid.

Catalogus Dominorum de Gober in Southwallia. Ibid.

Familia de Brandon. Ibid.

De Morte Reginaldi de ---- Ibid.

An Attestation concerning the Marriage of Sir John Bromley with the Earle Rivers’ Daughter Temp. Richard III. Ibid.

Edward XVth's Crants of diverse Lands in Corawall and Sent to his Prother Richard Duke of Gloucester, and of divers Lands and Offices after in many Parts of England. Jul. B. 12.

The Wardenship of the West Marches granted to Richard Earl of Warwick by Edward IV. Ibid.

Officium Vice-comitatus Cumbriae concessum Richardo Duci Gloucestriae ad Terminum Vitae. Ibid.

Release by FeofFees to Ralph Carl of Westmorland of Midetham and divers other Mannours, 9 Henr. V. Ibid.

Oficium Constabularii Angliae concessum Richardo Comiti Rivers. Ibid.

Revocatio & Adnullatio Processus contra Hugonem le Spencer & Transcriptio Judicii missa ad justiciarios & Barones Angliae. Jul. B. 12.

Feoda Militum Domini Richardi de Nevill de Manerio suo de Shiref hoton in Com. Ebor. Ibid.

Quaedam brevia de Custod. Maritag. Richardi Fenys Domini de Say & Georgii Nevill. Ibid.

Breve Escheatoria circa Trentham direct. pro Terris & Tenementis Hugonis Spencer & Eleanorae Uxoris ejus Honoris Gloucestriae liberane. Ibid.

Extenta Terrarum quae fuerunt R. quondam Com. Gloucest. facta per Johannem de Cowell Sc Richardum de Stanes An. 46 Henr. III. Ibid.

Placita inter Thomam Com. Warwick & Johannem Mowbray de Axholme de Castro de Swooley(?) Terris de Gowersland, An. Regis ------. Ibid.

Charta Edward III, Willielmo Com. Sarum de Castro de Sherburn in Com. Dorset, & de multis aliis Terris in Anglia, An. 12 Edward III. Ibid.

Excambium Castri & Manerii de Elwell in Wallia inter Reg. Edv. IV. & Richardum Ducem Gloucestriae. Ibid.

Quaedam Feoffamenta Possessionum Comit. de Oxon. in Count. Norfolk, Suffolk, & Essex. Ibid.

Charta pertinens Domino Hungerford. Ibid.

The Restitution in Blood of Richard Earl of Cambridge and his Heires. Ibid.

Finalis Concordia de maneriis de Micleham(?) & Sheriff-Heten per Jacob Ratcliff & Catherinam Uxorem ejus. Ibid.

The Office of William La Roos. Ibid.

The Value of Revenues of the Countess of Richmond. Ibid.

The Office of John Duke of Brittain and Earle of Richmond. Ibid.

The Offices of John Nevill of Raby An. 12 Richard II. Ibid.

Charta Henrici Regis Willielmo de Monte Acuto Com. Sarum & Catharinae Uxori de Terris. Ibid.

Feoda Justiciarii Forestae de Galters. Ibid.

Charta Regis Edmundi Comit. Kantiae Avunculo suo. Ibid.

Commissio Regis Edward IV. Richardo Duci Gloucestriae, ut fit Locum tenens ejus in Expeditione contra Scotos Anno 22. Ibid.

Petitio Richardi Ducis Glouces. Episcopo Eliens. & Responsio pro Terris Elis. Uxoris suae. Ibid.

Commissio ad audiend. & determ. de divertis Proditionibus, &c. in Com. Ebor. Northumbr. Cambr. & Westmorlandiae. Jul. B. 12.

Quaedam Feoda Militum in Scaccario. Jul. C. 2.

Quaedam Feoda Militum Nottingh. & Derby. Ibid.

Historica quaedam ex antiquis Chartis de Registris. Ibid.

Collections in English out of the Registers of Fountain Abbey. Ibid.

The Confession of the Earle of Kent's Brother to Edward II. Ibid.

The Controversie between Edward III. and John Stratford, Archbishop of Canterbury. Ibid.

Notes out of the Book of Charters, Merton, Clerkenwell, Pipewell, Dunstable, Ofney. Jul. C. 6.


Inquisitio de Gubernatione Militum Templi. Jul. B. 12.

Inquisitio Forestas de Inglewood facta Tempore Henr. III. Ibid.

Inquisitio post Mortem Richardi Comit. Westmorlandiae Anno 4 Henr. VI. Ibid.

Inquisitio post Mortem Joannae Comit. Westmorlandiae An. 19. Ibid.

Inquisitio altera post Mortem Joannae Comit. Westmorlandiae An. 19. Ibid.

Inquisitio post Mortem Richardi Com. Westmorlandiae An. — .Ibid.

Inquisitio post Mortem H. Beauford Ducis Somerset Anno 8 Edward IV.

Inquisitio post Mortem Walteri Hungerford. Ibid.

Inquisitiones ex Officio captae Tempore Edward I. ut remanent in Scaccario. Jul. C. 1.

Inquisitiones diversae eorum qui tenent in Capite Tempore Edv. I. Jul. C. 7.

Inquisitiones ab anno 3 Edward I. in quibus Militum Feoda, Servitia eorum, &c. in Com. Ebor. &c. Cleop. B. 4.

Inquis. coram Judice Lovetot &c. pro. Maris &c, Inquis. post Mortem from 1 Edward III, to the End of Henr. V. Faust. C 10.

Inquis. Terrarum Angliae, quantum & quomodo, quisque tenuerit Tempore Regis Edvardi & quomodo Willielmus Rex dedit, & quomodo fuerit deinde. Tib, A, 6.

Index Inquisitionum diversarum. Claud. C. 10.

Inquis. de Manerio de Shefton 1 Edward I. Vesp. A. 9.

Inquis. 27 Henr. VI, de Morte Henr. Russell, capta apud Methwold in Com. Norf. Domit. A. 15.


Analecta varii Generis et diversis Recordis & aliis Scriptis authenticis. Titus, A. 5.

Analecta varii Generis ex divcrfis Recordis & aliis. Scriptis authenticis. Titus, A. 6.

Analecta varii Generis ex diversis Recordis & aliis Scriptis authenticis. Tit, A. 7.

Terrae pertinentes ad Regem Scotiae. Jul. A. 1.

Metae & Confinia Comitatuum Huntingd. North. & Cantabr. 28 Henr. III. comperta per Inquis. Nero. D. 10.

De Prediis aliquot in Hundreda de Norman-Cross in Com. Hunt. Inquisitiones aliquot. Nero. D. 10.

Participatio Feod. Militum de Rogero Quinci, quondam Com. Wint. An. 1277, inter Cohaeredes, Ibid..

Copia veteris Donationis cuidam Forestario cui Nomen Peperkin. Vitel. A. 20.

De Registro de Colne in Essex multa de Familia Vere. Vesp, B. 15.

Mensuratio Comitatus Oxon. ex Archivis London. Vesp. E. 15.

Chartae variae Regum Saxonum & aliorum. Aug. A2(?). Nero, E. 1. 131, 132.


Abridgment of Records of the Tower from the Reigne, of Edw. III. to the End of Henr. IV. of all the Parliaments holden in each King's Reigne, collected by Sir Robert Cotton. Tit. E. 1.

Rolls of Parliament from the 13th of Richard II, to the last of the same King. Titus, E. 2.

Rolls of Parliament from the 1st of Richard II. to the 33th of the same King. Tit. E. 3.

Rolls of Parliament from the 1st of Henr. V. to the last of the same King. Tit. E.4.

Rolls of Parliament from the 1st to the 16th of Henr. VI. Tit. E. 5.

Rolls of Parliament from the 17th to the 39th of Henr. VI. Tit. E. 6.

Rolls of Parliament from the 1st tolhe 8th Year of Edward. IV. Tit. E. 7.

Rolls of Parliament from the 12th Year of Edward. IV. to the 15th. Tit. E. 8.

Rolls of Parliament from the 15th Year of Edward. IV. to the End of his Reigne. Tit. E. 9.

Rolls of Parliament in the 1st Year of Richard III. Ibid.

Rolls of Parliament the 1st Year of Henr. VII. Tit. E. 10.

Rolls of Parlhunent from the 3d of Henr. VII. to the 20 th. Tit. E.11.

Rolls of Parliament the 7th, 14th, and 15th of Henr. VIII. Tit. E. 13.

Rolls of Parliament from the 1st of Queen Elisabeth to the 28th. Tit. F. 1.

Rolls of Parliament from the 30th of Queen Elisabeth to the 43d, inclusively. Tit. F. 2.

Proceeding in Parliament from the 1st of King James to the Tit. F. 4.

Journals of Parliament Tempore Henr. VIII. & Edv. VI. Tib. D. 1.

Actus Parliamenti pro Alkia Comitiflh Sarum. Jul. B. 12.

Actus Resumptionis An. 13 Edward IV. Ibid.

Sumonitio Parliamentorum ab anno 24 Edward III. usque ad An. 13 Richard II. Faust. C. 11.

Nomina Civium, & Militum. & Burgensium in Parliamento apud Westmon. 27 Henr. VI.

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The Ortler of the Sitting of the Lords in the House of Parliament. Jul. B. 12. 24.

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De Parliamenti Institutione. Tit. A. 13.

Modus tenendi Parliamentum. Tib. E. 8. 13. Nero. C. 1. Vesp. B. 7. Dom. A. 14.

Oratio habita in Initiis Comittorum Parliamenti Tempore Richard III. aut Henr. VII. Vitel. B. 10.

Petitio in Parliam. Annae Comit. Warwick. Jul. B. 12.

Breve Regis de Sumonitione Archiep. ad Parl. Cleop. F. 2.

Remembrances for the Session of Parliament next after the Powder Treason. Cleop. F. 2.

Speeches in Parliament. Tit. C. 6.

De Exemptionibus & Sumonitionibus Baronum ad Parliamentum. Vitel. C. 9.

Acta Consilii Tempore Richard II. Henr. IV. & Henr. V. Cleop. F. 3.

Acta Consilii An. 1 Henr. VI. Cleop. F. 4.

Acta Consilii An. 20 Henr. VI. Cleop. F. 4.


Matters concerning Turkey, Barbary, Alexandria, Tartary, Persia, Russia, cum aliis. Nero, B. 2.

Papers concerning the Hanse Merchants. Vesp. F. 8.

Charta Libertatum Mercatorum de Hanse. Nero, B. 9.

Querimonia Mercatorum de Hanse. Ibid.

A Repertorie of Grants made by Henr. VI. concerning Trades with the Hanse Townes. Ibid.

The Emperour's Letter to the Queen concerning the Hanse, and the Queen's Answer ; and Letters from Dr. Perkins to Sir Robert Cecyl. Ibid.

A Letter and Declaration of Denmark to the Hanse Townes ; ibid. of the Hanses. Ibid.

Compositiones inter Presidentes Mercatorum de Hanse & Rob. Droope, Major Londini, per Mercatores Londini. Nero, B. 10.

Demands of the Merchants of the Hanse or Stillyard. Faust. C. 2.

The Emperour's Letter in Favour of the Hanse Merchants. An Answer to the same. Ibid.

A dicourse of the Trade of the Merchants called the Hanse. Ibid.

Complaints of the Merchants of England against the Societye of the Merchants Adventurers. Ibid.

Proofes for the Antiquity of the Merchants Adventurers. Ibid.

Reasons shewing the Restraint of Comodityes carryed beyond Sea to be necessary. Ibid.

The Petition of the Merchant Adventurers. Ibid.

Considerations concerning Merchants and Retailers. Ibid.

Articles required to be granted to the Merchants of the Staple, if they ship to the Brill. Ibid.

Reasons why the Liberty of transporting Cloth should not be granted to straggling Merchants. ibid.

Touching Cloth and Wooll, without Dates. ibid.

The discomodityes to the Realme by the unreasonable Price of Woolls. Ibid.

Licence to discover strange Countryes. Faust. C. 2.

A Grant for the practiceing secret Inventions. Ibid.

Reasons for the Repeale of a Branch of the Statute of Elizabeth. Cap. 11. that no Goods should be entered in the Custome Books but in the true Owners Names. Ibid.

Causes alleadged against Foreigners by the Tallow Chandlers. Ibid.

A Letter concerning the Making of Starch. Ibid.

Privilegia Mercatorum Angliae. praecipue Stapelae. Tib. D. 8.

Sundry Particulars concerning the Hanse Merchants. Claud. E. 7.

Copies of Charters and other Things concerning the Merchant Adventurers. Otho. E. 3.

Sundry Treatyes concerning Merchandize, Exchanges, Coynage of Moneys, and the like. Otho. E. 10.

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Necessary Considerations touching the ecclesiasticall Courts of this Realme. Ibid.

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Anonymi Pieces aliquot & Meditatiuncula, metrice. Cleop. C. 2.

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De Paulino, Wilfrido, Egberto, Archiep. Ebor. Privilegiis, &c. Ebor. Ibid.

Innocentii II. IV. & Calixti III. Literae ad Episcopos & Regem Scotiae, ut Eboracensem Presulem metropolitanum suum agnoscant eandem Prerogativam jure vetustissimo Eborac. competere recognoscit Willielmus Scotiae Rex. Ibid.

De Translatione S. Dunstani Cantuar. Archiep, Fragmentum. Ibid.

S. Mariae Verba ad Thomam Cantuar. de Oleo illo quo Reges Angliae futuri inungendi erunt. Ibid.

Ordo qualiter Romanus Pontifex apud Basilicam Petri debet ordinari ad benedicendum Imperator. Ibid.

Nomina Sanctorum inventorum apud Glastonbury, accedit Annotatio quod Arviragus Rex Britonum Insula Avolonia Josepho Arimathensi donabat nonnihil de Josepho Arimath, ex Melione Britanno, qui Merlino vetustior. Ibid.

Literac Archiep. Cant. ad Pontificem Rom. quibus excusat se de iis quae sibi imputabantur veluti Pacis Ecclesiae Perturbatoribus. Ibid.

Fratrum Hospitalis S. Thomae Cant. Epistola ad Archiep. Cant. Ibid.

Sigismundi Imp. Literae ad Pontificem Rom. de Rebus spectantibus ad Consilium Basiliense. Ibid.

Johannis Archiep. Ebor. ad Willielmum Swan Romae Agent.

Epistolae plures ex Anglia ad Willielmum Swan Romae Agent, de Rebus pontific. & ecclesiast. Politicis Temp. Henr. VI. Ibid.

Copia Epistolae bullatae quam Benediclus Papa misit ad Partes de Cathay, in qua tota Fides nostra continetur, sed deest Fidei Explicatio. Ibid.

Literae diversae ad Consilium Basiliense spectantes. Ibid.

Regis Henrici V. & VI. & Cleri Synodi Cantuar. ad Martinum quintum de Cannonizatione Ormundi Ep. Sarisb.

Literae ad Papam de Observatione Diei Dominicae. Ibid.

Johannis Buthoniensis Episc. ad Papam Epistola de Ecclesia collegiata de Northdabuy in Diocessi Wellensi. Ibid.

Epistola ad Papam de Walteri Hungerford in pios Usus Ecclesiae Sarisbur. Praedia, & Jus Patronatus Ecclesiae de Crucklade conferendo. Ibid.

Epistola Prioris & Conventus Bathoniensis ad Papam de Appropriatione Ecclesiae de Olveston in Diocesi Wigorinensi. Ibid.

Papae Epistola ad Henricum Cardinalem Angliae & ad Henr. (puto VI.) Regem. Ibid.

Institutio Hospitalis de Savoy, cum Testamento Henr. VII. Cleop. C. 5.

Regula Inclusarum, veteri Anglicano. Cleop. C. 6.

Statutum de Religiosis An. 35 Edward I. Cleop. C. 7.

Ordinatio pro Gubernatione Hospitii Regis An. 40 Edward II. & alia Statuta. Ibid.

Bulla Papae persuasoria missa Regi Henr. VII. contra Turkas, cum Responsione ad eandem. Ibid.

Aurelius Prudentius de Virtutibus & Vitiis, Literis Saxonicis & Picturis. Cleop. C. 8.

Fragmentum S. Columbari Hibern. Metrice. Ibid.

Modus tenendi Synodos In Anglia primevis Tempor. Ibid.

Collectio Canonum, incerto Auctore, in qua aliqua ex Synodis Hibernis & aliis nondum editus. Cleop. C, 8.

De Miraculis Virginis Mariae. Cleop. C. 10.

Descriptio sanctorum Locorum. Ibid.

Anselmi Liber apologeticus de Similitudinibus. Ibid.

De Edificatione & Ordinatione Claustri, &c. & de Vita ordinanda Fratrum claustralium. Ibid.

Sermo super Textum Columnae aureae , super Bases argenteas. Ibid.

De Ornamentis Ecclesiae quae pertinent ad Rectores, & quae ad Parochianos in Provinciis Cantuariae & Eboraci. Cleop. D. 3.

Tractatus de tribus Regis Coloniae. Cleop. D. 7.

Lamentation of our Lady. Ibid.

Compendium de Episcopis Cant. ab Augustino ad annum 1333. Cleop. D. 9.

Compendium de Episcopis Litchfield ab Initio ad 1338. Ibid.

The State of the Church of Great Brittain, from the first Plantation of Religion unto the most happy Reigne of King James, with all other Occurrences between the See of Rome and the Soveraignes of this Realme, collected out of:

1.        Publique Records,

2.       Popes Bulles and Breves,

3.       Originall Instructions and other Letters of State,

4.       Ancient Historyes of the Kingdome,

5.        Registry of religious Houses, by Sir Robert Cotton,

Vol. 3. Cleop, E. 1, 2, 3.

Divers originall Letters, Coppies of Articles, enquirable Injunctions and Directions, tending to the Suppression of Monasteryes in Henr. VIIIth's Time ; as also the Substance of what was certifyed touching very many Monasteryes by the Visitors, together with the Value of them. Cleop. E. 4.

A brief Declaration of the Number of all Promotions ecclesiasticall at the Taxation of the First-fruites and Tenths, with the yearly Value of each Bishoprick, Deanary, and Archdeaconary, and the Tenth of the Clergy in every Diocesse. Ibid.

Sundry Things touching the Reformation made by King Henr. VIII. Cleop. E. 5.

De Potestate regia in ecclesiasticis. Cleop. E. 6.

Touching the Jurisdiction of the Clergy in the Realme of England. Cleop. F. 1.

Of the Unlawfulness of Oaths ex Officio. Ibid.

Of Oathes in Ecclesiasticall Courts. Ibid.

Instructions by Cromwel touching the Bishop of Lincolne and his Archdeacons. Ibid.

Jurisdiction of Prelates in ecclesiasticall Things. Ibid.

Nomina Archiepiscoporum Cantuar. Ibid.

Privilegia & Prerogativa Sedis Cantuar. Cleop. F. 1.

A Letter to Cromwell from the Archbishop of Canterbury wherein he maketh his Apology for styling himselfe totius Angliae Prin. Ibid.

A Declaratio Regis quod Jus visitandi Canceliar. & Universitat. Oxon. pertinet ad Archiep. Cant. & Ecclesiam suam. Ibid.

Privilegium Archiep. Cant. Diocesse vacante. Ibid.

Beneficia ad Collationem Archiepiscopi Cantuariae spectantia. Ibid.

De Patronatu Ecclesiarum omnium in Dioc. Roffensi. Ibid.

Feoda ad Officium Registarii Episc. Roffensis spectantia. Ibid.

Of the King's Supremacy. Cleop. F. 2.

Articuli super Chartas. Ibid.

Immunitas Cleri a Jurisdidtione temporali. Ibid.

Decimae de Arborions. Ibid.

Concerning Decapitations. Ibid.

Convocations per Archiep. Cant. celebratae ab 1298 usque ad 1580. Ibid.

Statuta de Ordinatione Prelatorum, de Qualitate Ordinandorum, de Non-residentibus  &c. Ibid.

Cathedrali Churches Orders. Ibid.

Motions for remittingof Regularityes.

Archbishops Visitations. Ibid.

De Officio Archidiaconi. Ibid.

Visitation of King Henr. VIII. ibid.

Commimon of Elizabeth for causes ecclesiasticall. Cleop; F. 2.

Court of Commissions. Ibid.

Commissions secundo Jacobi touching ecclesiasticall Matters. Ibid.

The Archbishop of Canterbury's Letter to King Henr. VIII. touching his Visitation. ibid.

Against Canons ecclesiasticall. Ibid.

Habitus clericalis. Ibid.

A dicourse touching the Power of Bishops. ibid.

Of the Oath ex Officio. Ibid.

De Censuris ecclesiasticis. Ibid.

Abusiones, tam per Episcopos quam alios Ecclesiasticos. Ibid:

Banes and Licences to marry. Ibid.

Touching Tythes. Ibid.

For reforming Matters ecclesiasticall. Ibid.

Power of Parliament in causes ecclesiasticall. ibid.

Petitions touching ecclesiasticall Authority. Ibid.

A Letter of Queen Elizabeth to the Bishops against Conventicles. Ibid.

The Archbishop of Canterbury's Letter to the Lords of the Councell touching Exercises called Propheties. Ibid.

Arguments in the Behalf of silenced Ministers. Ibid.

The King's Power in ecclesiasticall Matters. Ibid.

Epistola Archiep. Cant. ad Clerum Cant. Provinciae, ut Lincolniae conveniant ad tractandum de Subsidio ferendo Tempore Edward II Faust. A. 5.

Catalogus Synodorum. Ibid.

Epistola Richardi de Diceto & Johannis Lugdunensis Archiep. Ibid.

Liber penitentialis  in quo Mentio fit penitentialis Bedae & penitentialis Romani. Ibid.

De Anna Matre B. Virginis. Ibid.

Constitutio Roberti Winchelsea Archiep. Cant. de Juramento & Obedientia Rectoribus. & Vicariis in eorum Ecclesiis celebrant. faciend. Ibid.

Implementa (ut vocant) in Maneriis Episc. Roffensis. Faust. B. 5.

Appropriatio Ecclesiae de Lugwarden in Diocesi Herefordensi An. 1389. Faust. B. 1.

Jura Archidiaconi Cantuar. Ratione Inthronizationis Episcoporum omnium in Provincia Cantuar. Faust. B. 5.

Paparum Epistola; diversae de Juribus & Privilegiis Ecclesiae Cantuar. Faust. B. 6.

Pars Privilegii a Paschali Papa concessi Henrico Imp. de Jure Investiturarum. Ibid.

Epistola Sergii Papae ad Episcopos Angliae, de Admissione Bertunaldi in Archiepiscopatum Cant. Ibid.

Epistola ejusdem Adelredo, Adelfrido, Adulpho, Regibus Anglorum, pro eadem. Ibid.

Epistola Gregorii II. ad Episcopos Angliae, super Promotione Tatwini ad Ecclesiam Cant. Ibid.

De Potestate quam sibi arrogavit Papa Formosus in Anglia Tempore Edward Conf. Ibid.

Pertinentia ad Ecclesiam Cant. in Civitate Lond. Ibid.

De Placito Tempore Regis Stephani inter Vicecom. Richardum Picott & Monachos Cant. in pleno Auditu comitatus. Ibid.

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Idem de Confessione, cui accedunt alia Theologica & Juris Canonici Precepta. Ibid.

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Ceremoniale antiquum. Vesp. D. 15.

Varia Penitentialia antiqua, Saxonico Charactere. Ibid.

Pœnitentiale Theodori Archiep. Vesp. D. 15.

Ceremoniale aliud antiquum. Ibid.

Melancthonis Epistolae quaedam. Vesp. D. 18.

Dr. Feckman, Abbot of Westminster, his Oration made in Parliament I Elizabeth. against Alteration of Religion. Ibid.

A Sermon at the Burial of Queen Mary. Ibid.

Difcourses concerning certain Controversies in Religion, written about I Elizabeth. Ibid.

Archbishop of Canterbury's Letter to King Henry. Ibid.

Dr. Scott's Oration, the Bishop of Chester, made in Parliament I Elizabeth. against the Alteration of Religion.

Epistola Lentuli, describens Formam Christi. Ibid.

A little Treatise concerning Transubstantiation.

Nigelli Versus & Hymni. Vesp. D. 19.

De Miraculis B. Virginis Carmina, Lib. 3. Ibid.

Hildeberti Caenomanensis Epistolae, Exemplar vetustum. Ibid.

Pœnitentiale antiquum, Latine, Saxonico Charactere. Vesp. D. 20.

Bonaventurae Stimulus Amoris. Vesp. E. 1.

Idem de Cruce Christi. Ibid.

Richardus Eremita super secundo Versiculo Canticorum. Ibid.

Fratris Amandi Speculum humanae Salutis. Ibid.

Narratio de Spiritu Guidonis. Ibid.

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De Auctore Libri Sapientiae Solomoniae. Vesp. E. 4.

Lanfranci Archiep. Cantuar. Epistolae quaedam. Ibid.

De Alfgelo PrefectoWiltoniae suscipiente Literas Fraternitatis a Wigorniensi Monasterio. Ibid.

Gualteri Mapes super Apocalypsyn. Vesp. E. 12.

Idem de Conjuge non ducenda. Ibid.

Idem contra Adulatores.

Idem de Trinitate. Ibid.

De quatuor Virtutibus, deDiis, de Remedio Fortuitorum. Ibid.

Petri Blesensis Epistolae. Vesp. E. 11.

Willielmus de Monte Cancellarius Lincoln, de Tropis Scripturarum. Vesp. E. 10.

Liturgia Romana. Vesp. E. 13.

De Canonicis Regularibus. Vesp. E. 15.

History of the three Kings of Colen. Vesp. E. 16.

Epistola ad Wolftanum Ecclesiae Londini Pontificem. Vesp. A. 14.

Confessio Goliae. Vesp. B. 13.

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Causae propter quas decollatus fuit Richard Scroope Archiep., cum Martyrio ejusdem. Ibid.

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De Statu Lindisfarnensis Ecclesia; secundum Bedam. Tit. A. 5.

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Robertus Dunelmensis de Pontificibus Dunelm. ad annum Dom. 1342. Ibid.

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De Miraculis & Tunica S. Cuthberti. Ibid.

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Breviarium Chronici Hagustaldensis Ecclesiae ab 674 ad Han. I. Ibid.

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De miraculosa Inventione Textus Evangelii. Lat. Tit. A. 4.

De Sponsalibus, de Delestatione morosa, de Speciebus Luxuriae, de Raptu, Adulterio, Incestu, Sacrilegio, Peccato contra Naturam, & de Restitutione. Tit. A. 11.

Ordonnances de la Cité de Geneve sur la Reformation. Tit. A. 12.

De Sede Papatus Avenione. Tit. A. 13.

Decretum Simonis Archiep. contra Pluralitates. Ibid.

De Archiepiscopatu Menevensi redacto sub Obedientia Cantuariensi Tempore Henr. I. Ibid.

De Jurisdictione ecclesiastica Archiep. Cant. Ibid.

Excommunicatio contra impugnantes Libertates Ecclesiae. Ibid.

De Visitatione Willielmi Courtney impedita per Episc. Exon. An. 1384. Ibid.

De Prerogativa Ecclesiae Cantuariensis. Ibid.

Tractatus de Lege divina. Tit. A. 18.

Ordo Officiorum dominicalium. Ibid.

Rhythmi contra malos Ecclesiasticorum Mores. Ibid.

Simeon Dunelmensis de Pontificibus Ebor. Ibid.

De Pontificibus & Civitate Lincolniae. Ibid.

Narratio de Reliquiis & Locis Urbis Romae. Ibid.

Sermones de Dei magno Nomine. Ibid.

Notae quaedam Electiones quorundam in Abbat. de Kyrkstall. Ibid.

Dialogus metricus inter S. Bernardum Clarevallensem & Monachum ejus post Mortem apparentem. Ibid.

Thomas Stubbs de Statu Ecclesiae Ebor. Ibid.

Rhythmi diversorum Virorum. Tit. A. 20.

Mapes Rhythmus de Diluvio Noe. Ibid.

Goliae de Contemptu Mundi. Ibid.

Ejusdem Apocalypsis. Ibid.

Mariale S. Liber, Metris resonantibus, ad Venerationem B. Virginis ; antiquus est, & scriptus magnis quadratis Literis. Tit. A. 21.

Psalmi poenitentiales, iisdem Literis. Ibid.

Hymni ad Virginem Mariam. Ibid.

Cranmer’s Confession before his Death. Tit. A. 24.

De Vita Astis, Obitu, & Testamento Willielmi Wickham, Episc. Winton. Tit. A. 24.

Some Questions about Religion. Ibid.

Large dicourses concerning the Masse. Ibid.

De Rebus ecclesiasticis. Ibid.

Petitiones & Supplicationes Cleri ad eundem Archiep. super eadem Re, & super Reformatione Regni. Ibid.

Epistola Johannis XXII. Papae ad Accademiam Oxon. super Statutis Viennensis Concilii ab ea recipiendis. Ibid.

Tractatus de 7 Vitiis carnalibus, in quo quaedam satyrice interferuntur contra Magnates Regni Tempore Edward II. Ibid.

Sermones duo. Ibid.

Richardus Eremita de Emendatione Vitae. Ibid.

De Signis precedentibus Diem Judicii. Ibid.

Sermones duo. Ibid.

Altercatio inter Judaeum & Christum, inter Synagogam & Ecclesiam. Tit. D. 16.

Versus Sybillae de Adventu Domini. Tit. 18.

Oratio dominica, Graece Latinis charac. Ibid.

Constantini Magni Privilegium Ecclesiae Romanar. Tit. D. 19.

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Ejusdem Sermo in Festum Omnium Sanctorum, Anglice. Ibid.

De Modo orandi, Anglice. Ibid.

De Virtutibus & Vitiis, Anglice. Ibid.

Chronicon Episcoporum Treverensium, Coloniensium, Tungrensium, & Trajectensium. Tit. D. 25.

Orationes variae. Tit. D. 27.

De Gestis Bernardi & Davidis II. Episcoporum Menevensium. Domit. A. 1.

Hexasticon de miranda Papae Potestate. Ibid.

Invectiva brevis contra Monachos. Ibid.

Purgatorium S. Patrici, Gallico Carmine, a Monacho Salteriensis Monasterii. Domit. A. 4.

Epistola Richardi Archiep. Cantuar. ad Calixtum Papan, querentis de Injuria sibi & Ecclesiae Cantuar. illata in Consecratione Archiep. & Causis Ecclesiae Eboracensis. Domit. A. 5.

Attestatio Regis Willielmi I. de Primatu Ecclesiae Cantuar. cum Subscriptionibus Episcoporum & Abbatum, sequuntur & alia ad eandem Controversiam spectantia. Ibid.

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Forma Dictaminis S. Tabellionibus Notariae Curiae Romanae, Auctore Johanne Bononiensi ad Johannem Archiep. Cant. Ibid.

Constitutiones Rob. Winchelsea & W. Archiep. Cant. quid Parochiani prestare debeant & Rectores. Faust. A. 8.

Decima solvenda de Laico Feodo. Faust. A. 8.

De Romanis Pontificibus & ejus Sedis Schismatibus ; item de Pontificibus Angliae. Ibid.

A Prayer of St. Austin's, a Revelation of God to a devout Man, a Sermon. John vii. Militia est Vita Hominis. What Charge the Bishop gives to the Archdeacons. Tit. A. 24.

Meritum missae. Tit. A. 26.

The fifteen Joys of our Lady. Ibid.

The seven Sleepers, Ibid.

De Potestate regia. Tit. C. 6.

Several Church Services. Ibid.

Papae Epistola ad Reg. Elizabeth. Tit. C 7.

Queen Elizabeth's Letter to Henr. IV. upon his Conversion. Ibid.

Clementis VII. Bulla concessa Henr. VIII. de duobus Nuptiis contrahendis. Tit; C. 10.

Articuli 37 Johannis Wickliff. Tit.D. 1.

De Descriptione Arcae. Noae. Tit. D. 3.

Parvus Tractatus de B. Jacobo Fratre Domini. Ibid.

De Computatione Annorum Christi & Mariae Virg. Ibid.

De Situ Paradisi Enoch & Eliah, de Situ Terrae Sanctae, & Via Fil. Israel. de Descriptione brevi Locorum sanctorum juxta Jerusalem, &c. Ibid.

Godefridus Viterb. in Nov. Testam. metrice. Ibid.

Tractatus de Presentia Christi in Sacramento Eucharistiae contra Transubstantiationem. Tit. D. 5.

Inventarium omnium Reliquiarum in Monasterio Glastoniensi. Tit. D. 7.

Tractatus de Imagine Peccati. Tit. D. 11.

Liber Vitae complectens Nomina Benefactorum Ecclesiae Dunelmensis ab Edwino Anglo ad Henr. VIII. magna Pars Literis aureis & argenteis exarata. Domit. A. 7.

Versiis quidam rhythmici gravem Querimoniam & pariter Symbolum exprimentes, videntur esse Hildeberti. Domit. A. 8.

Juramentum quod Episcopi olim prestabant Romano Pontifici. Ibid.

Scutum Dei triangulum. in quo de Mysterio Trinitatis agitur. Ibid.

Indulgentia Clementis V. pro quibusdam Orationibus. Domit. A. 9.

Litera & varia Negotia pertinentia ad Monasterium B. Mariae, in urbe Rothomago, & de Sepultura Ymerii Abbatis. Domit. A. 11.

Quidam Rhythmi monachales. Ibid.

Compendium utriusque Testamenti. Domit. A. 11.

Ivonis Carnotensis Sermo de Sacramentis Dedicationis Eccles. ad nuper Baptizat. Domit. 12. (extat.)

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Series Paparum. Carmine, per Nicolanm Manuacutium. Ibid.

Tractatus de Reliquiis Romae reconditis. Ibid.

De Carne & Spiritu Tractatus, Carmine. Ibid.

Catalogus Archiepiscopatuum & Episcopatuum Orbis Christiani. Ibid.

L'Evangile translaté de Latine en Francois. Domit. A. 11.

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Cantuariae & Prioratus Wiltoniensis Fundatio & Incrementum, Rhythmis Anglicanis. Faust. B. 3.

Successio Pontificum Romanorum a S. Petro usque ad UrbanumVI. Faust. B. 7.

Orders of the Friers Minorits. Faust. D. 4.

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De Inceptione Ordinis Carthusiensis. Tib. A. 9.

Pontificale antiquum & pulcherrimum. Tib. B. 8.

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Collectanea de Monasterio Wigorniae. Ibid.

De Fundatione Abbatiae de Theokesburge. Ibid.

Electio Johannis Tynilmouthe Abbatis, ubi quamplurima de potestate regia contra papalem. Claud. A. 12.

De Institutionibus & Origine Ordinum ecclesiasticorum. Ibid.

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Privilegium Leonis Papae de Contentione inter Hugonem Vesonticensem Archiep. & Bertaldum  qui usurpabat archi Episcopale Nomen. Claud. D. 6.

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Qui Catholici sederunt Schismaticis adversantibus. Ibid.

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De Divisione Fructuum Ecclesiae inter Papam & Cardinales ibid.

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De Passione Domini, Rhythmis. Ibid.

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Historia Prioratus Lanthoniae. Jul. D. 11.

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De Episcopis & Episcopatibus Angliae, & de Fundatione diversorum Monasteriorum Angliae. Ibid.

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A Treatise concerning Ministers. Cleop. F. 2.

De Inceptione Ordinis Carthusiensis. Tib. A. 9.

A Remonstrance to the Emperor touching Liberty of Religion. Nero, B. 9.

Decrete de l’Archeduc Ernof par l'Unitersité de Vienne contre l’Exercise de la Religion. Nero, B. 9. 32.

Nomina eorum qui admissi sunt in Fraternitatis Beneficium Monasterii S. Albani, cum Picturis eorum & compemdiosis Narrationibus. Nero, D. 7.

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Consuetudines ejus, cum Chronico ejusdem Magistrorum. Ibid.

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